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Made a new character for my claymation cast!  
06:25pm 08/08/2009
He's saying, "Wow, it's sure nice to meet you!" in the first picture. Mr. Snail hasn't spoken his name yet, but the turtle is Sam and the duck is Walter.

Here's my quick first attempt to figure out how slowly I'd have to move the characters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewmutdscAog

I'll make a better one next time I'm not busy reading for grad school or working at Momoyaki, this Korean restaurant where I recently started working part-time.

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A song of songs  
03:13am 23/03/2009
I haven't written in this journal in a while. I think it forwards to Facebook too--I guess I'll see tomorrow.

I wrote a song with a bunch of fast triplet lyrics with slow downs at the end. It's hard to explain. Kind of Kimya style. It came together in 20 minutes. Here:

Song of Songs

I like to think we’re going to make a difference.
We chug through the deadlines and daffodils
of work and/or school
locking ourselves in to study or rushing off to entertain.

But then:

Our best friends forget to invite us to packed people parties,
they've forgotten our screen names,
And there’s no time to shower, oh great, it’s late.
Let's go out the door
Our ambitious eyes loading our plates with more.

We see the same four people most of the time.
They’re fun but we always remember the time
when we knew so many
And they all knew us too.

So we talk a lot of nothing
Trying to catch up with old friends
it’s a bit awkward
So you just sit right back down.
And play solitaire.

And write sappy songs.
So seemingly same.

Until we realize it's all in our head
And we just need to get up and go to our bed
and sleep away the cold.
Get warm in the fold!
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I made a Gingerbread House!  
11:41am 19/12/2008
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My del.icio.us Wordle!  
12:34pm 13/12/2008
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06:50pm 19/11/2008
Song lyrics that I wrote a couple months ago:

Drink up the wine
and hurry up
The fire's going out
I look at my scars
from climbing up
our great big tree
that means a lot to me--

Am I dreaming?

It's the forest floor
in the embers' glow
marshmallow spills to wine
and spiders dance in our hair.
We tango in the dark--

Am I dreaming?

We talk about 
the life of bread,
chill with Aztec gods
and jump from cube to cube.
Not caring where we go
enjoying the brush strokes of the trees--

Am I dreaming?

But I wonder if
in your life
I'm that foreign branch
on our great big tree.
Is it the same meaning?
Or am I dreaming?

Am I dreaming?
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Has anybody used/heard of BandCamp for band promo?  
06:51pm 17/09/2008
Here's another new site for band promotion. I really like looking at the stats. Seems like I have tumblr lurkers since most traffic so far comes from that link! 


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Girl Talk Graph, Music Flesh Map, SCA Microsite, blog  
12:09pm 09/09/2008
Girl Talk Timeline Graph of one track off of Feed the Animals:

Flesh Map of what body parts are mentioned the most in various genres:

Unsigned Band Promotion made a cool microsite for Sweet City Action:

Latest blog is about slapping your fans and bouncing them on your knee:
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How to Use Twitter for Band Promotion  
02:14pm 20/08/2008
My thoughts on ways to use Twitter for promoting your band at this moment in time. This is not a definitive guide and I'm waiting on people to tell me I'm an idiot and that they have better ideas for using Twitter for bands.

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This is pretty cool. And then sadness. And then goofiness.  
09:46pm 19/08/2008
In google search, type:

creative band promotion

just like that with no quotes or anything. look what comes up. crazy weird cool, huh?

Also, a little bit less general but still exciting. Same thing with:

booking tour for your band

This is what I do when I'm sad. Amidst relationship ends, continuous band turmoil, good friends living far away, and me living in a room with dead bed bugs, it makes me happy that people read my stuff. Not that it's particularly amazing stuff, but you know, I can say, "Hi people who read my stuff. What's up?" And maybe these people can share interesting stuff too, and maybe they're very similar to me and also live in a room with dead bedbugs, the remnants of a previous extermination not cleaned up.

Blogging is kind of like screaming really loudly into a canyon and seeing what screams back. I've actually wanted to literally scream into a canyon but there aren't any around here.

Anyway, hopefully the steam cleaners will come back and do my room. I don't know why they skipped my room but then did all the others. If only my room could scream too. Then we both wouldn't be so invisible.
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What Recording Engineers Wish Bands Knew Before the Studio  
06:18pm 06/08/2008
Just blogged about the Austin Music Foundation's small group session called "Studio Essentials: What Engineers Wish You Already Knew." It includes insights from Ohm Recording Facility and Top Hat Recording, as well as Josh and Alissa from AMF. Check it out if you're planning on recording!
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